Are you interested in teaching the kids in your life how to be more positive about their and others' bodies? Maybe you have issues with your own body, and would like for your kids to have a better relationship with their body, than you did. This Raising Body Positive Kids Online class is 100% FREE, 6 weeks long, and is self-paced to fit into your busy schedule. Each week you get access to a lesson and an assignment to complete.

By the end of the course you have a toolkit packed with resources to keep you and the kids in your life talking and thinking about body-positivity, self-love, and self-care!


An exploration of how we think about beauty, why we have this perspective, and what we can do to break free of oppressive beauty standards. The goal of this course is to adjust the often harmful, self-destructive ways in which we define and think about beauty.

Over the course of these lessons we'll delve into: What beauty means to you, how beauty and beauty standards have impacted your life, how the media shapes and impacts beauty standards, how you've internalized beauty standards, how you can change your perspective about beauty, resources and tools to help you stay strong and feel confident about your new perspective about beauty standards and yourself.


We're excited to offer this shortened version of Radical Body Love Yogi, Laura Burns' 30-day online course called Radical Body Love: Yoga & Body Acceptance. She has allowed us to present this mini version of her course to you, for free, in order to help as many people as possible find greater joy and freedom in their bodies. If you want to take the full (paid) version of this course, head on over to her Radical Body Love website to sign up!

This mini-course consists of 4 modules, to be completed at your own pace and in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 


Coming Soon!

This course addresses: definitions and uses of intersectionality, what does it mean to think intersectionally, how you can bring intersectionality into your thinking, and what does intersectionality have to do with body-positivity?
These questions, and more, are what we tackle in this e-course.Whether you're already pretty familiar with the term and how it impacts your life and the lives of those around you, if you've never heard the word or are still not even sure what it means... this course is for you!