Focusing on the key concentrations of size, gender, race, and ability, our programming examines the intersection of body shame and wellness.

So often, unhealthy relationships with our bodies manifest themselves in low self-esteem, poor decision making, drug and alcohol abuse, unhealthy sexual choices, deliberate self-harm, school drop outs, etc., all of which can exacerbate mental illness and lead to further destructive behaviors. 

Body Love 4 All offers programs for people of all ages, and we are constantly adding new and diverse programming to address the needs changing needs of children, teens, and adults.

Our programs work  to combat early onset of body issues in children which often lead to damaging and unhealthy behaviors towards themselves and others.

In addition to our work  with children, Body Love 4 All helps adults connect with themselves and transform their lingering self-love issues into feelings of confidence and happiness.