An annual initiative to empower everyBODY to have fun and embrace the outdoors each summer. Each month we create different events you can celebrate in your own community. Body Positive Outdoors Day! BoPo Bingo! Visibility Week! Sun Salutations Yoga Challenge Week!

Get in the game with no body shame! Body-positive Bingo is a Summer-long celebration of doing what feels good, enjoying time outdoors in whatever clothes are cool and comfortable, and practicing self-care - because you deserve it! Download the bingo card here and play along all summer. Post your adventures online using #bopobingo to share with us!



We are committed continuing to build the body-positive yoga community online and show the world that yoga truly is for everyone! Watch this hashtag for yoga challenges, posts, and occasional in-person yoga events across the world.

An annual New Years project to spark self-love and self-care focused resolutions and intentions for a kind and compassionate start to each new year. 

#reclaiming resolutions

Our trademark annual event! Each September we take partner with our online community to take over Instagram and Facebook with #selfcareseptember. We announce a self-care related theme for each day of the month, and you follow along at home. Every day you post a photo and caption about the theme of the day and use #selfcareseptember and other hashtags to share your thoughts and experiences with other members of our body-love community. At the end of the month we randomly pick a few winners to receive bags of BL4A swag!