Laura E. Burns


Founder and Executive Director of Body Love 4 All, Laura believes in the radical act of loving your body no matter what. She splits her time between running the organization, teaching Radical Body Love Yoga, and posting way too much on Instagram.

Toni Galata

Board Member

Toni is a plus-sized, body-positive, working mom, who loves to write about all of those dashes in her life! Her dream is to become a full-time body-positive activist and writer. Her favorite topics are intersectional feminism, parenting and loving yourself. <3

Emily Harting

Board Member

Emily is a displaced New Englander who has lived in New York City for 12 years. She is a fundraiser for a NYC based NGO, but also, she is a social justice advocate, foodie, cook, animal lover, avid traveler, and budding gardener. 

She came to body love out of self-preservation and necessity in her early 20s, the Body Love Movement, in her early 30s, and wants to help others find their way to self-love and self-care, whatever that means for them, as soon as it is possible for them. She lives with her partner and crotchety cat in Brooklyn.

Amy Schwartz-Veenstra


Board Member

Amy is a proud Canadian, a fur-mama, a feminist, an activist and a pretty
poor cook. In her spare time she spins her hoops, makes hoops, teaches people how to hoop, daydreams about her hoops....

Her hearts desire is to bring love and healing to anyone who is struggling
to accept themselves. 

Tasha Wirth

Social Media Manager

Scrappy, unapologetic, femme, Tasha is excited to bring more east coast energy to the BL4A team! Practicing intentional, radical body love is paramount in her energy and body work journey. Find her in the kitchen with her fur baby, Oliver, on her hip; pulling tarot cards in the park with other witchy folx; contorting herself in weird positions in parks, at parties, or the yoga studio.


Join our board of Directors
Body Love 4 All is currently looking for diverse applicants to join our Board of Directors. 
If you have a passion for body-positivity, a willingness to work hard, a vision for the future, and the dedication to commit to a full 2  year term.